Vases & Vessels

Striped Fabric Covered Vase (Short)

Blue, Yellow, or Grey striped fabric with glass vase insert, twine bow and removable wooden tag.

Quantity: 6 Blue, 6 Yellow, 6 Grey

Dimensions: 5"x 5"

Rental Fee $2.65

Striped Fabric Cover Vase (Tall)

Blue, Yellow, or Grey striped fabric vases with twine wrap and removable wooden tag.

Quantity: 3 Blue, 3 Yellow, 3 Grey

Dimensions: 8"h x 3"w

Rental $2.50

Glass Vessel

Large clear glass vessel with rope detail.

3 sizes available

Quantity: 9

Dimensions: Small 8"h x 7"w, Medium 10"h x 6"w Large 12"h x 6.5"w

Rental $6

Mini Bubble Votive

Blue, Green, or Clear Glass Votive  with Gold Wire

Quantity: 5 Blue, 9 White, 11 Green

Dimensions: 3" x 3"


Ceramic Striped Jar

Ceramic striped jars with rope detail.

Quantity: Green(4), Blue(4), Yellow(2), Orange(4)

Dimensions: 6"h x 4"w

Rental $3.00

Milk Glass Vases

White milk glass vases.

Many sizes and patterns available.

Quantity: 35

Dimensions: Multiple sizes 6" to 9"

Rental $1.35

Pink Metal Lantern

Blush pink metal lantern with glass vase insert.

Quantity: 6

Dimensions: 8.5"h

Rental $3.50

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